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MUSIC: Vudu Sister Gets Acoustic at the Met

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Vudu Sister went acoustic at The Met and sounded great as ever. Photo: Ken Abrams

There's always something incredibly beautiful about intimate singer-songwriter performances, it really touches the heart, mind & soul to create a truly soothing experience. At The Met in Pawtucket this past Tuesday, Vudu Sister unveiled an acoustic soirée with Allysen Callery and Sara Azriel sharing the stage.

Local public access show Meet Me At The Met were also taping the evening as part of their upcoming episodes this fall, so there was a nice gathering of talented individuals in attendance. Who says you can't have fun on a Tuesday night? At The Met, the fun was only beginning.

Allysen Callery

You have to be enthralled every time Allysen Callery performs with her guitar and angelic voice. She came up and wowed me once again, fitting the bill as being one of the top musicians in The Ocean State. "In The Ring", "Little Bird That Is Your Name", "Spare Parts", "In Your Hollow" and "Minnesota Sunrise" were my favorite songs from Allysen. Every note she plays and lyric she sings has a distinct meaning that's more than just music and words. Allysen also has an album out called Mumblin' Sue, another masterpiece from one of Rhode Island's best that you have to give a listen.

Sara Azriel

With a glorious sounding keyboard and a velvety soulful voice, Sara Azriel came up next and exuded her essence in amazing fashion. A performance that included "Gloria", "I'm On My Way", "Be With Me" and "Little Wilted One", and had The Silks' Tyler James Kelly joining Sara on guitar, resonated excellence and musical beauty. To be honest, I almost thought about proposing marriage to Sara after she got off the stage. She was that good, and for more of the goodness you should get her self-titled EP that came out this past April. Just more music coming from Providence that you'll enjoy.

Vudu Sister

An acoustic version of the band featuring Amato Zinno on upright bass, Diane O'Connor on violin and as always Keith McCurdy with his cryptic ways on vocals and guitar, Vudu Sister finished off the night in the most emphatic way imaginable. "Revival", "Underground", "Daughter Of The Woods", "Dead Man's Pockets", "The Quiet Man", "Household Items", "One Of A Kind", "Daisies", "Wicked King", "Buffalo, NY" and "The Hangman" made for a powerful experience courtesy of The Sister. Whether Keith performs with his band unplugged or electric, you can't really go wrong. You have to get both of Vudu Sister's albums, Bastard Children and Household Items. They're both two of my favorite albums that have came out so far this decade and after pressing play I guarantee you'll feel the same.

You can catch the taping of this night of brilliance when Meet Me At The Met starts broadcasting on RI-PBS this October. Log on to meetmeatthemet.net for more information on the show that'll get you up close and personal with the Rhode Island music scene. While you're at it, log on to themetri.com so you can know what else is going on at one of the best places to catch a show in New England.


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Jonathan Flynn

Rob, it's not a public access show, it's a public television show, like Austin City Limits or Bluegrass Underground.

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